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Board of Directors


The General Assembly in Stellenbosch (2018) has elected Darwish, De Castro and Feinholz for another term of office. The present Board members are:

Berna Arda, Turkey, past president (2012–2016), member (2017–2020)

Leo de Castro, Philippines/Singapore, member (2012–2018; 2019-2022)

Bahaa Darwish, Egypt, member (2012–2014; 2014–2018; 2019-2022)

Dafna Feinholz, Mexico/France, member (2012–2014; 2014–2018; 2019-2022)

Nico Nortje, South Africa/USA, member (2019-2022)

Volnei Garrafa, Brazil, member (2012–2016), president-elect (2017–2020)

Bert Gordijn, Ireland, president-elect (2012–2016), president (2017–2020)

Henk ten Have, Netherlands/USA, executive secretary and treasurer (2012–2020) 





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